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Leave it to the professional

Microneedling has become very popular within the last couple of years thanks to youtube and the Kardashians. True microneedling uses small needles and different depths to kickstart collagen and reduce lines and wrinkles, in sense turning back the hands of time. Of course who isn't going to jump on this bandwagon especially when it's super easy, you can buy the equipment on Amazon, and all the latest celebrities are doing it! But is it as safe as people think it it?

Experts are warning that this do it yourself attitude could be extremely dangerous. Microneedling is a form of controlled injury that causes skin healing and thus promotes new, soft, and wrinkle free skin. It involves the insertion of tiny micro-needles in a certain pattern into the skin. These needles need to be sterile and the technique is the key for the best outcome.

If there is failure to administer the procedure in a controlled atmosphere, and with sterile technique, the procedure could cause serious skin issues and/or health issues. Including but not limited to

Necrotising Faciitis! Not to mention other serious bacterial infections, scarring, and complications. When it comes to your face and health, you really don't want to get this one wrong.

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