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Making it in high heels...

So it's really happening! I am getting really close to opening, 2 days to be exact. Truth be told, I am a bundle of nerves. After all for the last 9 years I have worked for big corporate america. I have had a steady paycheck and health insurance and it's been good. That's it, just good. The past 9 years have been good, not amazing or great, but comfortable. I would wake up, get showered, find my sensible shoes, my scrubs, and go to work. One day bled into the next, over and over, without change. Oh sure I thought I was happy, I mean I made good money, but money isn't everything. Funny how it's only taken me 46 years to figure out what this statement actually means.

So I took all of my money from savings, bought supplies, and went back to school. Yes I know, one more piece of paper to hang on my wall that doesn't really prove anything. It just simply states that you spent an egregious amount in order to tell people you might be qualified to do something. Spoiler alert: The real learning comes from the actual act of doing said thing that you went to school for NOT in the classroom. Anyway, back to the actual reason I am writing this.

I was looking for a job to call my own. Something that I would wake up and want to actually do. Not just something that paid the bills. I love to help people but I definitely didn't want to be a nurse. I had enough with the corporate hospital mumbo jumbo. Besides, I wanted to do something that would make people instantly happy. You know the instant gratification that we all want-ed... yesterday!

Thus here I am, opening my own aesthetics business. I am lucky enough to have been invited by my previous supervisor to join a beautiful salon called Silk & Co. It drips excitement and is absolutely gorgeous. I may be nervous, but I couldn't be happier! Now, where exactly did I stash my high heels?

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